OET writing involves writing a medical letter, such as a letter of referral or discharge. Writing needs to be formal, in a clinical tone and polite. Here are some examples that illustrate formality: 

  • Avoiding idiomatic expressions: 

Mr. Brown is back on his feet. X 

Mr. Brown has made good progress.

  • Refraining from using medical jargon if the recipient of the letter is not a medical professional: 

Mrs. Barrow will have her sutures removed. X  

Mrs. Barrow will have her stitches removed tomorrow.

  • Not using contractions but full forms instead: 

Tom hasn’t exhibited additional symptoms but will require monitoring. X 

Tom has not exhibit additional symptoms but will require monitoring.



The Language criterion in OET writing covers spelling, so assessors do focus on capitalization. 

Have a look at the start of an OET letter: 

Capital letters are used for: 

  • Months
  • Titles and job positions 
  • First, middle, and last names 
  • Names of institutions and companies 
  • Street, city, and country names 
  • The abbreviation ‘Re’ 
  • Acronyms  

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