Up your listening skills by engaging in the wide range of material available online. Watch TV shows and documentaries in clinical settings and listen to podcasts on the topic of healthcare. Not only will this train your ear, but also help you adapt to the range of English accents you can expect to hear in OET Listening, such as American, British, and Australian pronunciation.

Here are a few suggestions:


Scanning is a key reading skill in OET, which involves quickly locating information to find facts.

If you’re searching for information to answer specific questions, the question itself provides keywords to guide your search. Follow these steps:

1. Review each question thoroughly to identify the keywords.

2. Focus on finding answers to one question at a time.

3. When you come across a keyword, carefully examine the surrounding text to determine its relevance.

4. Double-check the question to ensure that the answer you found addresses it.

Scanning requires concentration and can be mentally draining. Practice keeping your focus sharp and choose a suitable time and place to work.


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