The Organisation criterion in OET writing covers how clearly the information is conveyed to the reader of the letter. 

This includes the opening salutation, so if the name of the reader of the letter is given, use: 

Dear Dr. Cardiff 

Dear Ms. Lotus 

However, if the name of the person is not given, in principle, a job title is given. If writing to another medical professional, use the job title: 

Dear Nurse 

Dear Doctor 

In relation to closing of the letter, please note: 

If the name of the reader of the letter is given, use: 

Yours sincerely 

 If the name of the reader of the letter is not given, use: 

Yours faithfully 



Listening Part A involves listening to two different extracts, each audio being a conversation between a health professional and a patient or carer.  

You need to complete notes, with the answers coming directly from the audio. It is fundamental to remember: 

  • Write a maximum of three words only. 
  • Words forms must not be changed, e.g. if the word in the audio is singular, your answer will be singular. 
  • Write what you hear, i.e., do not paraphrase. 
  • Both British and American English spelling forms are accepted. 
  • If you do OET on paper, handwriting must be legible as illegibility is penalized. O

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